Invisible Pool Barrier

Two sets of Point to Point beams spanning the area between the house and the pool provide the second barrier of safety in the Virtual Pool Fence system. When the area is armed and anything crosses the path of the beam, the internal and external sirens are set off.

Whenever the door leading out to the pool is unlocked, the Beam sensors are immediately armed, with a squawk of the sirens alerting that the door has been unlocked. Even once the door has been closed again, the point to point beams will remain armed, keeping the pool area safe when using the area.

When you wish to use the pool, a pin code must be entered into the outdoor keypad to disarm the point to point beams in order to use the pool.

One set of Point to Point beams are mounted to pick up crawling babies and the other to pick up walking or leaping toddlers, giving you peace of mind that even while being out in the space around the pool, you can keep your loved ones monitored and safe.