Living Room

Secured and Monitored Doors

To allow the use of your house doors as a pool barrier, they are required to be locked with an alarm to sound if left open.

Securing the door is an industrial-grade electronic V-Lock, which is hidden out of sight being recessed in the door frame. This provides an elegant locking solution, retaining the clean lines of your joinery. The lock features a sensor for both the lock and door positions, providing secure monitoring of the door.

To unlock the door from the inside of the house, a press button located 1500mm above the floor is required, which will unlock the door for 10 seconds. This will also immediately alarm the pool point to point and squawk the siren alerting that the door to the pool has been unlocked. When the door is opened, the outside keypad will continuously beep. If left open for over 7 second, it will sound the siren at 110dB. On closing the door, the siren will be halted and the door will automatically lock, resecuring the pool barrier. The point to point beam will remain armed until it is disarmed using the outside keypad.

Access back into the house is via the outdoor keypad.